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You can be a theme park pro even if it's just your first time in Kissimmee. For starters, get to the parks early. They often open the front gate a half-hour before the stated start time. Even when that's not the case, being one of the first in the park assures you of getting on the top rides with the shortest waits of the day. Especially during busy season, the first hour or two of a park's day will be the lightest. Take advantage of that.

Another tip is to pace yourself. Don't feel you have to do it all in one day. Once you pay to park at any of the Disney parks you can keep that pass and go back to your condo -- grab a nap or a dip in the pool -- and then go back for free (make sure you get your hand stamped). You'll be in a spacious condo. Use it!

One last tip is to have breakfast in your condo. It will be far cheaper and you will have a wider range in choice by stopping by a Publix or a Winn Dixie (they are both within 2 miles of the resort) and picking just what you want.



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